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Degree Title 

Bachelor of Communication Arts

အထူးပြု Major 

Communication Strategy and Ideation


BUI မှာ ပညာသင်ယူသင့်သည်လဲ 

  • Following the new challenges in the fast-changing world, BUI curriculum is the integration of knowledge and skills in the form of a trendy and practical module.
  • CSI curriculum is focused on trendy and emerging technology platforms, to understand their highlights and differences, such as Mobile Vertical Experience, User-Generated Social Media, and User Experience & User Interface.
  • BUI also aims to provide the study of communication strategy and ideation that allows students to work closely with the leading companies for increasing experiences and skills.
  • There’re so many jobs related to this field, for example, Strategic Communication Planner, Digital Content Curator, Digital Media Ideator, Customer Experience Designer or UX/UI designer.






Communication Strategy and Ideation ကို


  • Bachelor of Communication Arts in Communication Strategy and Ideation offers a strategic communication focus and design thinking.
  • This program blends theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical projects and campaigns, taught and coached by top professionals and prominent guest speakers in the field.
  • Following the new challenges and demands in the fast-changing world of communication, students will be provided with the up-to-date content and knowledge on strategic communication; including digital media planning, UX and UI Designs, digital content creation, marketing communication for e-sport and marketing communication for health and beauty brands and so on.
  • Integrated 3 main knowledges which are the most necessary in the era, which are;
    _Communication: Communication Design and Creative Storytelling
    _Strategy: Strategic Planning and Management Skills
    _Ideation: Integrated Media Planning and Creation



BUI Modern Communication Arts Program ဆိုသည်မှာ .... 

  • BUI aims to create a variety of career paths that meet the needs of the 21st century!
  • Strategic Communication Planning Track : Digital Communication Strategist, Digital Marketing Communicator, Digital Content Curator, Brand Communication Manager
  • Integrated Media ideation Track : Digital Media Ideator, Online Media Planner, Brand Experience & Customer Experience Designer





The study of communication strategy and ideation gives graduates the required level of readiness for success in the highly competitive job markets of communication and new media-related fields.

  • Strategic Communication Planner
  • Public Relations and Campaign Manager
  • Communication Specialists
  • Media Planner and  Event Coordinator
  • Brand Strategy Consultant Journalist
  • News Editor
  • Customer data analytics coordinator
  • Integrated marketing communication manager


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