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Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)

အထူးပြု Major 



BUI မှာ ပညာသင်ယူသင့်သည်လဲ

  • Let’s study Marketing at BUI!
  • BUI are ready to prepare students to get a good job.
  • BUI provide all the basics of marketing, including emerging business trends.
  • Besides, BUI students will be taught by experts in marketing and participate in various useful workshops for increasing BUI students’ experiences.




BUI ၏ Marketing ကို 


  • After completing the marketing program at BUI , BUI students will develop the knowledge to become a strategic marketing planner, a creative thinker, and a real world practitioner who knows how to satisfy the customers’ needs and wants.
  • Especially in the digital era, BUI students will be intensively trained and provided with all the necessary knowledge with both online and offline tools needed to become successful marketers.
  • BUI Students will be taught by highly qualified professors as well as marketing executives, who have extensive experience in the field.
  • The program is designed to utilize both theoretical concepts and real world cases, which are related to renowned companies in Thailand at the international level.
  • BUI students are allowed and encouraged to develop skills in marketing decision-making and problem solving.
  • So,to complete the above objectives, the courses offered will be delivered based on Major courses including, consumer behavior, product and brand management, promotion management, marketing research, digital in marketing and seminar in marketing.
  • Also the Major elective courses offered include retail management, export-import management, sustaining business marketing and international marketing. 





Marketing is the essential fundamental knowledge, which is required in any business sector. Since marketing is the main driving force behind every kind of business.

So, marketing graduates have excellent opportunities to integrate marketing knowledge.

    • Marketing Specialist
    • Marketing Manager
    • Marketing Strategic Planner 
    • Omni Marketing Product Manager
    • Business Developer
    • Marketing Analyst
    • Content Marketing
    • Digital Marketer
    • Sales Executives
    • Advertising Manager


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