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Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Entrepreneurship

အထူးပြု Major 



BUI  မှာ ပညာလေ့လာ သင်ယူသင့်သည်လဲ

  • One of BUI most famous programs in BUI is Entrepreneurship!
  • The first program in Thailand that provides all the processes of business.
  • Bangkok University Internationa l(BUI) is the first university in ASEAN that cooperates with Babson College, in the USA.
  • Moreover, BUI also help students to create their own company which can earn them money while still studying with us.
  • Students who join this program are provided instruction by business experts, so BUI will make sure that students will be able to prove BUI Students can do a business model before graduation.




Entrepreneurship ကို

ဘာကြောင့် သင်ယူသင့်သည်လဲ

  • Ignite entrepreneurial spirit and gain professional skills needed to succeed!
  • Learn from a curriculum developed from partnership with Babson College (USA), the No.1 institution for entrepreneurship education.  Incubate start-up and get thesupport needed for the future!
  • Prepare for the ever-changing global marketplace with our emphasis on risk management!
  • BUI instructors and mentors are from the real business world. We have a research center for developing entrepreneurs in a digital era!





  • Business Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Family-business Successor 
  • Business Executive
  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence

အသေးစိတ် ပိုမို သိရှိစေရန် 




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