Civil Engineering

Rangsit University International College (RIC) 

International  Programs  


အထူးပြု Major 

  • Civil Engineering

ဘွဲ့ အမည်

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) 



စာသင်နှစ် အရေအတွက်

  • 4 Years

English Language Requirements

  • IELTS 5.5 or equivalent (or)
  • passed the Rangsit University English Language Proficiency Test  



  • June (Summer)
  • August (1st Semester)
  • January (2nd Semester)



သင်ရိုးညွန်းတမ်း နှင့် ရည်ရွယ်ချက် 

  • The Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) is a program that has been approved and accredited by the Council of Engineers of Thailand (COE).
  • The curriculum aims to produce graduates who are capable of working in the areas of surveying, design, construction management and infrastructure planning.
  • It also covers areas like structural engineering, soil and foundation engineering, water resource engineering, and construction management engineering with sufficient background for graduates to carry on further research and higher studies.


ပိုမို သိရှိစေရန်




အလုပ်အကိုင် အခွင့်အလမ်းကောင်းများ

  • After completion of the program, graduates typically take the Professional Licensing Examination to become professional engineers.
  • Excellent career prospects include design, project management, and research and development engineers in both the private and public sectors.
  • Civil engineers are the dominant drivers in the development of infrastructure, and resource and environmental management of the country and its surrounding region.



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