Biomedical Engineering

Rangsit University International College (RIC)  

International  Programs


အထူးပြု Major 

  • Biomedical Engineering


ဘွဲ့ အမည် 

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical Engineering)



စာသင်နှစ် အရေအတွက်

  • 4 Years


သင်ရိုးညွန်းတမ်း နှင့် ရည်ရွယ်ချက် 

To produce Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering with the following virtues and knowledge

  • Have basic skills in research and development in the field of biomedical engineering for inventing new things as well as being a business owner in biomedical engineering
  • Understand the principles of biomedical engineering in the field of research and development, production or quality control of government organizations or private companies engaged in the manufacture of medical devices
  • Maintenance, repair, modification, and application of medical devices, hospital engineering including medical technology assessment
  • Management of procurement, using, distribution and consultancy in biomedical engineering works
  • Postgraduate studies in biomedical engineering or related fields
  • Having good ethics and ethics, competency in both national and international competitions and professional readiness