Diploma in Mechanical Engineering ( Green Building Technology )

The active push for Singapore buildings to be green has generated a strong demand for a new "green collar" workforce. This has created an urgent need for associated professionals with the knowledge and skills to apply the latest technology in green building technology (GBT) and mechanical services to design, maintain and manage green buildings.

The Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Green Building Technology) builds on the core of a mechanical engineering programme with an emphasis on GBT. GBT increase the efficiency in the use of building resources such as energy, water and building
material while reducing the impact they have on human health and the environment.


The programme aims to train students in the design and construction of energy-efficient M&E (Mechanical & Electrical) building services. In the first two years of study, a strong technical foundation will be laid while course in GBT will be built upon in the third year.
Students will be equipped with fundamental knowledge and specialised skills that enable them to:

  • Supervise M&E works effectively
  • Contribute to an organisation's execution of environment and quality programmes;
  • Contribute to the design, fabrication, modification and commissioning of green facilities;
  • Contribute in the operation and management of services related to green facilities;
  • Keep abreast of M&E green building technologies in the industry; and
  • Apply management and financial attachment programme to put their skills into practice and gain experience before graduation.

Career Prospects

Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates have the potential to become the new generation of specialists in the niche area of sustainability development. Graduates will be able to perform

the following job roles:

- Assistant Engineer
- Associate Energy Manager
- Site Supervisor
- Assistant Facilities Manager
- Technical Specialist

Entry Requirement

3 GCE 'O' Levels

  1. English Language - Grade 1 to 7;
  2. Mathematics - Grade 1 to 6; and
  3. A relevant subject - Grade 1 to 6; or
    ITE Higher NITEC or GCE 'N' Levels and NITEC with a minimum GPA of 2.75 in a relevant discipline.

Those who have attempted the GCE 'O' Levels but do not meet the specified grade in English or Mathematics may take an English or Mathematics test conducted by BCA Academy to enable the Academy to assess their enrolment eligibility.

Candidates with other academic qualifications and experiences may be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis. 

Additional Qualification Awarded

Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates will also be awarded the following additional qualification:
- Singapore Certificate Energy Manager (Associate)
- Certificate of Successful Completion in Green Mark Manager Course
- Certificate of Successful Completion in Fire Safety Manager Course
- Certificate of Successful Completion in Gas Technology Course



DCS028 Basic Engineering Mechanics
DEE219 Electrical Technology & Machines
DLW917 Basic Business Law
DME209 Fluid Mechanics
DME220 Thermodynamics
DPD877 Life Skills A
DPD878 Life Skills B
DPS226 Plumbing Technology
NCS039 Building Technology
PDG812 Technical Drawings
PMT904 Mathematics 1
PMT905 Mathematics 2


DAC221 ACMV Technology 1
DBI864 BIM for M&E
DCE420 Cost Management
DCS058 Advanced Engineering Mechanics
DEE224 Electrical Power Distribution & Installation
DFR225 Fire Technology
DGB284 Clean Energy Fundamentals
DGB617 Green Building Technology
DIT821 Computer Programming
DME227 Lift Technology
DPC419 Procurement Management
DPD879 Management Skills A
DPD880 Management Skills B
DPE223 Instrumentation & Controls
DPR712 Project Management


DAC222 ACMV Technology 2
DCM862 Technical Communications
DCS029 Strength of Materials
DEE524 Lighting Systems
DEM283 Green Mark Manager
DEM519 Energy Management & Economics
DEM520 Energy Audit & Measurements
DEM616 Passive Design Strategies & Energy Modelling
DFM423 Facilities Management & Operations
DFP911 Final Year Project
DFP912 Industrial Attachment
DFR413 Fire Safety Management
DME522 Motor Driven Systems
DME526 Gas Technology
DPH908 Physics
PMT906 Mathematics 3