Diploma in Design ( Interior and Landscape )

With globalisation and enhanced quality of lives, people have increasingly higher expectations for more refined living in our urban environment. Be it the home, the school, office, shopping malls or recreational facilities, there is a rising need for creative interior and landscape designers to aesthetically fit out the environments to best suit the informed and sophisticated tastes of the occupants. 

Furthermore, in land-scarce Singapore, effective space planning and the integration of the natural environment is essential to optimise limited available space for the purpose of improving the quality of lives.


Programme Objectives

Diploma in Design (Interior and Landscape) is a 3- year full-time Diploma programme. It covers the theories and practical applications of interior and landscaping with emphasis on the essential skill and required to creatively explore and visually communicate conceptual
ideas and design solutions. Students are guided from basic drafting and free-hand sketching through to computer-aided draughting and presentation.

Students are trained to creatively integrate design with construction technology and to present design schemes at studio sessions
progressively throughout the course, culminating in final design project submission. This programme is also structured to develop
analytical and creative thinking skills in students as well as to equip them with knowledge on management and supervisory skill in order
to meet the demands of today's business environment.


Career Prospects

Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates have the potential to become the new generation of specialists in the niche
area of sustainability development. Graduates will be able to perform the following job roles:

- CAD/ Technical Specialist
- Interior Designer
- Landscape Designer

Entry Requirements

3 GCE 'O' Levels
a) English Language - Grade 1 to 7;
b) Mathematics Grade - 1 to 6; and
c) A relevant subject - Grade 1 to 6; or ITE Higher NITEC or GCE 'N' Levels and NITEC with a minimum GPA of 2.75 in a relevant discipline.

Those who have attempted GCE 'O' Levels but do not meet the specified grade in English of Mathematics, may take in English and Mathematics
test conducted by BCA Academy to enable the Academy to assess their enrollment eligibility.
Candidates with other academic qualifications and experiences may be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis.



DCS049 Building Technology
DID101 Design and Creative Methods
DID104 Design Studio 1
DID106 Evolution of Interior Design
DID107 Interior Construction 1
DID110 Scenography
DDG807 CAD 1
DDG808 CAD 2
DDG810 Drawing Presentations
DPD877 Life Skills A
DPD878 Life Skills B
DLW917 Basic Business law
DIT835 Digital Media Presentation


DPQ612 Management Systems for Construction
DID108 Interior Construction 2
DLA116 Landscape Technology
DLA121 Planting Design & Management
DID125 Design Studio 2 - Residential
DID126 Design Studio 2 - office
DLA129 Landscape Design 1
DBS205 Building Services
DPC419 Procurement Management
DPR712 Project Management
DBU706 Elements of Business
DPD879 Management Skills A
DPD880 Management Skills B
DBI859 BIM for Architecture


DLA 122 Landscape Site Planning
DLA 124 Skyrise Greenery
DLA 120 Landscape Styles
DID127 Design Studio 3 - Retail
DID128 Design Studio 3 - Leisure
DLA 130 Landscape Design 2
DCM862 Technical Communications
DFP927 Final Year - Industrial Attachment
DAR131 Building Regulations
DBI863 Advance BIM for Architecture