Special Opportunity!!

Students who have passed GCE “O” level can attend directly BCA. In addition to the scholarship schemes, opportunity for applying Permanent Resident (PR) is complimented. During the first academic year, students with excellent grade points can apply for the Scholarship which approves the students not to pay school feels in following academic years. Moreover, Singapore government will assist S$900 per month Awarded Students are required to work for the company in Singapore at least (2) Years and are allowed to apply Permanent Resident (PR). After completion of 3-years Diploma, those who are willing to move forward Bachelor degree can apply directly to variety of Universities such as NTU, NUS, etc.

Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards are presented to the top student and second best student in Year 1 and Year 2 of each diploma  programme every year. These carry a cash value of  $2,000 and $ 1,000 respectively.