Oncocare visit to Myanmar

OncoCare Visit to Myanmar


OncoCare Group is a team of medical oncologists that practice on treating various cancers by medical and chemoherapy ways.

OncoCare Cancer Centre (Singapore) is one of the largest private oncology practice in Singapore.

In 10th May 2019, Oncocare Group from Singapore visited Myanmar as to observe Myanmar health industry especially Hospitals (both public and private). 

Dr Benjamin Chuah and Dr Tan Sing Huang with their assitant were in this trip to Yangon, Myanmar from OncoCare Cancer Center, Singapore.

At first, they met with Care Forever Services Medical Group and then visited to Yangon General Hospital especially medical oncology ward, new 5 storied oncology building and in patient areas.

They had conversation with Professor Dr Myo Myint Maw on current health issues, about cancer patients, daily operaions of oncology medical ward, treatments and procedures.

After that, both Groups had lunch followed by a visit to Pinlon International Hospital with newly opened building of PET CT scan. 

Then, they visited MHC clinic in downtown and met with Professor Dr Khin Maung Win.

They discussed liver cancer cases and took their time.

Finally, they ended their day in Melia Hotel.

On second day, Private Hospitals such as Victoria Hospital, Mahar Myaing Hospital and Bahosi Hospital were visited.

Network dinner was held in Melia Hotel with partners. On the next day, they returned back to their Singapore.  







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