Parkway Singapore Health Packages 

Essential Package

$438 for men and $468 for women (with GST)

1. Medical Consultation
• Detailed Medical History
• Comprehensive Physical

2. Bio-Physical Measurements
• Body Mass Index/
Body Composition
• Eye Check

3. Essential Functions
• Full Blood Count
• Cholesterol Profile
• Kidney Function
• Liver Function
• Thyroid Function
• Bone, Joint &
Mineral Screen
- Uric Acid
- Calcium/ Phosphate

4. Disease Screen
• Diabetes Screen
• Autoimmune Disease Screen
- Rheumatoid Factor
• Hepatitis A & B Screen

5. Urine Analysis
• Urine FEME

6. Stool Occult Blood

7. Cardiac Screen
• Resting ECG

8. Imaging Tests
• Chest X-ray

9. Pap Smear (for women)

Essential package is only available at Parkway East Hospital,
Paragon and The Arcade.


Plus Package

Includes all tests in Essential Package

$788 for men and $818 for women (with GST)

1. Disease Screen
• Glaucoma Screen
• Autoimmune Disease Screen
(Anti Nuclear Antibody)
• Hepatitis C Screen

2. Tumour Markers
• Liver (AFP)
• Colon (CEA)
• Prostate (PSA) (for men)
• Ovary (CA125) (for women)

3. Urine Analysis
• Urine Microalbumin/
Creatinine Ratio

4. Cardiac Screen
• Marker for
Heart Disease (HsCRP)

Additional Tests:
(You may choose 1 of the following tests)
1. Treadmill Test
(Stress ECG)
2. Ultrasound Liver
3. Ultrasound Kidney
4. Ultrasound Thyroid
5. Ultrasound Prostate (for men)/ Ultrasound Pelvis (for women)
6. Mammogram & Ultrasound Breast (for women)


Prime Package

Includes All Non-Additional Tests In Plus Package

$1288 for men $1318 for women (with GST)

1. Bio-Physical Measurements
• Retinal Photography

2. Essential Functions • Vitamin D Levels

3. Tumour Markers
• Pancreas/ Stomach/ Colon (CA19-9)

• Nasopharynx/ Nose
(EBV Serology)
• Testis (THCG)
(for men)
• Breast (CA15-3)
(for women)

4. Cardiac Screen
• Treadmill Test
(Stress ECG)

5. Imaging Tests
• Uroflow Study & Bladder Scan
(for men)
• Mammogram & Ultrasound Breast
(for women)

Additional Tests:
(You may choose 1 of the following tests)
1.Ultrasound Liver
2.Ultrasound Kidney
3.Ultrasound Thyroid
4.Ultrasound Prostate (for men)/ Ultrasound Pelvis (for women)



In order for us to serve you better, please secure your preferred timing by booking an appointment in advance

• Fasting is required. Please abstain from food and drink for at least 10 hours before your appointment. Sips of plain water are allowed. Light breakfast will be provided after your fasting tests
• Do not consume regular medicine for diabetes (including insulin) on the morning of your appointment
• Regular heart and blood pressure medication
is allowed
• For women, the urine, stool and pap smear tests should be done at least 5 days before or after your period. Please reschedule your appointment if necessary
• Please be punctual for your appointment to avoid a longer waiting time
• Urine and stool sample kits are available for collection before your appointment at any screening centre. Alternatively, the kits will be provided on the day of your screening
• We strongly encourage you to return for a review with our doctor to get a detailed explanation of your


Please remember the following to maximise your experience at our health screening centre

• Bring all past medical reports, scans and medication
• Bring your identification documents for registration (i.e. NRIC, passport, company letter or staff pass)
• Bring your spectacles for the vision tests. Do not wear contact lenses
• Wear a two-piece outfit (for women)
• Bring sports attire for the treadmill test. We will provide sports shoes and socks upon request