iGene Lab and Care Forever Services

Care Forever Services Co., Ltd has linked with iGene Laboratory for NIPT services starting from 2018.


Care Forever Services will help Myanmar pregnant mothers starting from 10 weeks to less than 6 months for iGene Non-invasive Prenatal test (NIPT) to detect fetal sex (boy or girl), fetal anomalies and genetic conditions such as Trisomy defects, Sex chromosomal defects and Deletion defects as early as possible.

Trisomy defects include Down Syndrome (T21), Edward Syndrome (T18), Patau Syndrome (T13)

Sex chromosomal defects include Triple X syndrome, Turner Syndrome, Klinefelter Syndrome, Jacobs Syndrome

Deleton defects include DiGeorge Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, 1p36 Deletion Syndrome, Koolen de Vries Syndrome, 18q Deletion Syndrome, Cri du Chat Syndrome, Smith-Magenis Syndrome, Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome

We provide two packages. 

Basic Panel Package (Fetal sex + Trisomy defects)

Comprehensive Package (Fetal sex + Trisomy defects + Sex chromosomal defects + Deletion defects)


We take 10 ml blood from pregnant mother which is safe and easy for both mother and baby.

Then, we deliver blood sample to Singapore iGene lab for NIPT result which takes 1 to 2 weeks for processing.

This test needs to take appointment from Care Forever Services to perform NIPT test in suitable date for blood sample delivery.

Available service centers in Myanmar for iGene NIPT test that are associated with Care Forever Services

Yangon - SSC Womens' Center, Sakura Private Hospital, Kyaw Mahar Specialist Clinic, Thukha Mingalar Specialist Clinic 

Mandalay - City Private Hospital, Nyein Private Hospital, Royal Rose Private Hospital 


Accuracy of the test  

Trisomy        Sensitivity          Specificity

T21              99.99%              99.97%

T18              99.99%              99.98%

T13              99.99%              99.98%

Overall          99.99%             99.98%

False positive rates

T21 Down Syndrome       0.03%

T18 Edwards Syndrome   0.02%

T13 Patau Syndrome       0.02%



Trisomy defects can be detected up to twin pregnancy.

However, Sex chromosomal and deletion defects can be detected only with single pregnancy.

Therefore, we suggest to do basic panel package with twin pregant mothers. 


This NIPT test is for early preparation and management for parents with their coming baby to brace their minds and souls for the best as in Myanmar, termination of pregnancy is ilegal.

Please contact one day before the test for appointment 09 430 32152, 09 513 240

Please find us for info in facebook, messenger - careforever services 


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