Faculty of Education

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The Faculty Of Education 


Why at St Teresa International Program in Education?

  • This program is aimed to offer opportunity to students in professional development that emphasizes on advanced teaching practices, improved learning experiences and progressive research effort.
  • We offer a Bachelors and a Masters program in Education, both of which shall prepare students for a range of education settings and specializations.
  • STIU is the only institute to offer the International Graduate Diploma Program in Teaching Profession.
  • Students can choose in Mathematics, English and Science.


The Faculty of Education aims to provide students with a diverse learning experience that is of international standards. We aim to support students throughout their journey in becoming highly qualified teachers or educational administrators.


Degree Titles

  • Bachelor of Education in English
  • Bachelor of Education in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Education in Science



Bachelors in Education programs provide new teachers with the essential knowledge and skills needed to address the ever-changing teaching and learning environment


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