Diploma in Construction Engineering (DCE)

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Diploma in Construction Engineering ( DCE )

As we move towards a knowledge-based economy, the industry must restructure itself to ensure that those who work on the construction  sites are highly productive, safe and have high standards.These high standards will translate to a stronger demand for knowledge-based skilled workforce in the near future, making the Diploma in Construction Engineering a premium qualification for those aspiring to be successful builders in this new millennium.

The Diploma in Construction Engineering provides graduates with a head-start for their career in the in construction industry.This qualification is acceptable for a Resident Technical Officer uner the Building Control Act.




The Diploma in Construction Engineering programme aims to equip students with the skill and knowledge to:

  • Keep abreast of the current construction technologies in the industry;
  • Perform and supervise the construction works on site effectively;
  • Plan and schedule construction works effectively to achieve high
  • Productivity and minimize delay;
  • Perform designs for steel, reinforced concrete, precast and
  • prestressed concrete structures;
  • Manage the safety aspects of construction; and
  • Apply supervisory, managerial and financial know-how for business.



Graduates can look forwards to a fulfilling careers as knowledge-based Resident Technical Officers, specialist supervisors or sub-contractors who possess the appropriate practical skills and technical knowledge needed to supervise construction workers directly in the new economy.

Graduates will be able to perform the following job roles:

  • Resident Technical Officer
  • Assistant Project Engineer
  • Assistant Design Engineer
  • Site Engineer
  • Sales Executive


Entry Requirements

3 GCE 'O' Levels

  1. English Language (EL 1)- Grade 1 to 7;
  2. Mathematics - Grade 1 to 6; and
  3. Any relevant subject - Grade 1 to 6; or 
    ITE Higher NITEC or GCE 'N' Levels and NITEC with a minimum GPA of 2.75 in a relevant discipline.

Students who have attempted GCE 'O' Levels but do not meet the specified grade in English or Mathematics may apply to BCA Academy to take an English or Mathematics test for the Academy to assess their eligibility for admission.
Candidates with other academic qualifications and related experiences may be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis.


Additional Qualification Awarded

Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates will also be awarded the following additional qualification:
Certificate of Successful Completion in Internal Audit (QEHS) on Quality ISO9001, Environment 14001 & Health & Safety OHSAS 18001






DCS012 Construction Materials

DCS017 Reinforced Concrete Construction

DCS023 Structural Mechanics

DCS049 Building Technology

DPE244 Construction Equipments

DDG812 Technical Drawings

DMT904 Mathematics 1

DMT905 Mathematics 2

OBS205 Building Services

DPD877 Life Skills A

DPD878 Life Skills B

DLW917 Basic Business Law



DLS015 Surveying

DCS018 Reinforced Concrete Design 1

DCS024 Structural Analysis

DPQ612 Management Systems for Construction

DPQ614 Building Construction Supervisors Safety Course

DPQ713 Formwork Safety Course for Supervisors

DDG813 Structural Detailing

DBE009 Building Measurement

DPC419 Procurement Management

DPR712 Project Management

DPD879 Management Skills A

DPD880 Management Skills B

DBI875 BIM for Structure



DCS010 Advanced Concrete Technology

DCS011 Construction Technology

DCS019 Reinforced Concrete Design 2

DCS020 Geotechnical Engineering

DCS022 Steel Design and Construction

DCS041 Structural Appraisal and Repair

DPT251 Precast Design and Construction

DPT252 Prestressed Design and Construction

DCM862 Technical Communications

DFP911 Final Year Project

DFP912 Industrial Attachment


DMT906 Mathematics 3

DPH908 Physics


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