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International Business Program!

Why at Global Academy @ Siam University?

  • Students will gain global perspective insights into international markets, preparing you for a career in a globalized economy.
  • You’ll learn the skills and knowledge to support the essential preparation for your professional journey – with affordable international education and access to a top-ranking Business degree at one-third of the cost of studying fully in Australia.
  • Our institute includes courses tailored to current business trends and practices worldwide along with the opportunities for internships and projects can provide hands-on experiene in international business settings.
  • Our program will equip you with skills and experiences essential for navigating today's interconnected business world.


Why International Business at Global Academy @ Siam University?

  • Study of business program covers a broad range of subjects essential for understanding and thriving in the global business environment.
  • This program will build you a solid foundations such as economics, finance, marketing, management, and accounting, tailored to global contexts.
  • The curriculum is designed to equip students with knowledge, skills and mindset needed to excel in international business careers, whether in multinational corporations, international organizations, or entrepreneurial ventures with a global focus.
  • Our international business program provides international students to improve the skills and knowledge of in-depth specialisations in International Business, Marketing, Management or Entrepreneurship and Finance  that are valued.


Global Academy International Business Program ! 

  • Global Academy focuses on preparing students for careers in the global marketplace with a strong emphasis on international trade, cross- cultural management , and global business strategies.
  • Students will learn about cultural differences, political and legal environment, trade policies, international finance, global logistics, and strategic management across borders.The goal is to prepare individuals to navigate and succeed in the complex world of global business.
  • Through our partnerships you’ll establish international connections with industry experts, seamlessly integrated into your curriculum and co-curricular activities to propel your journey to success.

Job Opportunities

The study of the International Business equips individuals with skills in global strategy, cross-cultural communication, international trade, and business management, making graduates highly sought after in today's interconnected global economy.

  • International Marketing Manager
  • Global Supply Chain Manager
  • International Trade Specialist
  • Global Human Resources Manager
  • International Operation Manager
  • Global Business Development Manager

Degree Titles

Bachelor of Business Administration (Siam University)

Bachelor of Business (La Trobe University)


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