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  Computer Science & Information Technology

Why at Global Academy @ Siam University?

  • Bangkok's top-ranked, fifth-largest private University which delivers affordable world- class education in the heart of Bangkok.
  • Unique program in Thailand that offers rigorous coursework and experience faculty.
  • Global Academy provides students with unrivalled internships & transfer options to study in Australia, Cananda and many more.
  • Furthermore,Global Academy provides students with a broader perspective on global issues and challenges, preparing students for a globalized workforce, research specific programs, campus facilities.
  • Students who attend this unique program will gain two degree in one program reconganized by La Trobe University & Siam University. 

Degree Title

Bachelor of Information Technology ( La Trobe University)

Bachelor of Science ( Siam University)


Why Digital Career at Global Academy @ Siam University?

  • Explore affordable international education at Bangkok compus for a top-ranking IT degree at one- third of the cost of studying in Australia.
  • Learn from an international curriculum and exposure to global trends in technology, preparing you for a career in a connected world along with modern facilities and resources that support hands-on learning and experimentation, crucial for understanding comples IT concepts.
  • Connect with peers and professional from diverse backgrounds, fostering collaborations and potential career opportunities.
  • At Global Academy students will mingle in a diverse and international environment which provide opportunities to collaborate with students from around the world.
  • Our study program is dominated by readiness for the world of work. Instruction from leading practitioners, mentoring by successful entrepreneurs and professionals, professional networking and masterclasses on campus and in the workplace are a core part of the student experience.


Career Opportunities

  • Software developer/ Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Architect
  • Data Scientist
  • Web Developer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Big Data Cloud Platform Engineer

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