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Communication Strategy and Ideation

Why at BUI?

  • Following the new challenges in the fast-changing world, BUI curriculum is the integration of knowledge and skills in the form of a trendy and practical module.
  • CSI curriculum is focused on trendy and emerging technology platforms, to understand their highlights and differences, such as Mobile Vertical Experience, User-Generated Social Media, and User Experience & User Interface.
  • BUI also aims to provide the study of communication strategy and ideation that allows students to work closely with the leading companies for increasing experiences and skills.
  • There’re so many jobs related to this field, for example, Strategic Communication Planner, Digital Content Curator, Digital Media Ideator, Customer Experience Designer or UX/UI designer.


Why BUI Communication Strategy and Ideation ?

  • Bachelor of Communication Arts in Communication Strategy and Ideation offers a strategic communication focus and design thinking.
  • This program blends theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical projects and campaigns, taught and coached by top professionals and prominent guest speakers in the field.
  • Following the new challenges and demands in the fast-changing world of communication, students will be provided with the up-to-date content and knowledge on strategic communication; including digital media planning, UX and UI Designs, digital content creation, marketing communication for e-sport and marketing communication for health and beauty brands and so on.
  • Integrated 3 main knowledges which are the most necessary in the era, which are;
    _Communication: Communication Design and Creative Storytelling
    _Strategy: Strategic Planning and Management Skills
    _Ideation: Integrated Media Planning and Creation


BUI Modern Communication Arts Program ! 

  • BUI aims to create a variety of career paths that meet the needs of the 21st century!
  • Strategic Communication Planning Track : Digital Communication Strategist, Digital Marketing Communicator, Digital Content Curator, Brand Communication Manager
  • Integrated Media ideation Track : Digital Media Ideator, Online Media Planner, Brand Experience & Customer Experience Designer


Job Opportunities

The study of communication strategy and ideation gives graduates the required level of readiness for success in the highly competitive job markets of communication and new media-related fields.

  • Strategic Communication Planner
  • Public Relations and Campaign Manager
  • Communication Specialists
  • Media Planner and  Event Coordinator
  • Brand Strategy Consultant Journalist
  • News Editor
  • Customer data analytics coordinator
  • Integrated marketing communication manager


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