Bachelor of Arts (Business English)

The University of Thai Chamber and  Commerce



Business English (International Program)

Business Major with Business Mind

School of Humanities of UTCC offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business English (4-year degree program) for all Thai and international students. UTCC aim to produce graduates in Business English with excellent English communication skills and a firm background in business and technology to serve the needs of the nation and the world. UTCC provides graduates with strong analytical, strategic, operational, international business knowledge and skills in an intercultural and entrepreneurial environment. UTCC trains and enhances graduates to meet the needs of globalized business communication and thinking skills essential for effective business operations, with high moral virtue and ethical standards ready to take on social responsibilities.


Intakes Per Year :

January and August


Specialized Courses:

  • English for Digital Communication Skills
  • English for International Trade and Marketing
  • English for Business Discussion and Negotiation
  • English for Public Relations
  • English for Airline Business
  • English for Digital Marketing
  • English for Hospitality Industry
  • Foundation for Language Teaching
  • Intercultural Business Communication
  • Business Training
  • Business Presentations
  • Business Report and Proposal Writing
  • Seminar in Business English
  • Critical Reading of Business Technical Materials

General Education Courses:

  • Designing Your Life
  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Innovative Thinking and Coding

Benefits that students will receive:

  • To be trained to meet the needs of international business communication
  • To be able to use English in professions and business contexts
  • To have opportunity to join international activities, cultural trips, and company visits

Career prospects after Graduation:

  • International Affairs Officials in Government and Private Sectors
  • Language Consultants in Goverment and Private Sector
  • Flight Attendents / Ground Crews
  • Hotel Staff
  • Intrepreters / Translators
  • Language Teachers/Tutors
  • Public Relation Officers
  • Customer Service Officers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Influencers and Shoutcasters


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